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Considerable Damage Caused by Hurricane

       Several districts of the Republic of Bashkortostan were badly hit by a severe storm on July 18 and 19. The exact scope of the damage is yet to be established.
       According to the press service of the Main Directorate of Russia's Ministry for Emergency Situations for the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Chekmagushevski District the wind damaged the roofs of the production premises of the "Krasnyi Oktyabr" Agricultural Producer Cooperative and the buildings of the "Kalmash" LLC. Roofs of several residential houses were destroyed and power transmission lines were damaged. About 84,000 hectares of crops were partially destroyed.
       In the city of Neftekamsk, the violent wind felled trees that blocked road traffic and damaged several vehicles. Two traffic lights and several poles supporting overhead transmission lines succumbed to the calamity. The wind blew off roofing tiles and rolled even metal roofs. The hurricane was followed by hail and rainstorm which interrupted vehicular traffic along the highway for about 40 minutes.
       In the village of Dushanbekovo, Kighinski District, the wind blew the roofs off the culture house and the kindergarten. About one and half kilometres of overhead transmission lines were torn.
       Fortunately, no human life was lost and no serious injuries were suffered. Not everyone knows, however, what is to be done when natural calamities of this kind break out. Following are several recommendations from rescue workers. If a hurricane (storm or tornado) found you inside, keep away from windows and find a safe place near the interior walls, in the corridor, near built-in cabinets, in toilets, bathrooms, storage rooms, under tables. Before that, do not forget to extinguish fire in stoves, to cut the electric power supply and to close the valves on gas supply lines. Only radio sets should be turned on to be able to receive updates from the Ministry for Emergency Situations. If you were caught outside, try to keep clear from any structures, buildings, bridges, trestles, overhead transmission lines, trees. To protect yourself from flying debris and fragments use plywood sheets, cardboard or plastic boxes, wooden boards, etc. Try to reach the nearest cellar, basement floor, shelters, etc. Never enter buildings or structures that have been damaged - they can collapse when new gusts of wind come. If the tornado found you out in the field hide yourself in ditches, holes in the ground, ravines, pressing firmly to the ground and protecting your head with your clothes or tree branches.

Alfiya Sharafutdinova.
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