In the days of old at the foot of the Irandck mountains there lived a woman Uthaman by name. She was a woman of unique beauty, and her looks were the subject of gossip in all the near and remote villages.

Every day Uthaman-apai took hold of her sagaidak*, mounted the highest peak of Irendyk and surveyed the distances open to her eye.

Once she took notice of an approaching enemy squadron. She immediately informed her brothers of it They made a laughing stock of her:

"What kind of an enemy squadron can be here? You are mixing something up, sister!"

But meanwhile the troops were approaching and soon they surrounded the place where Uthaman-apai lived. But she succeeded to get out of enemy's encirclement, and besides she managed to save her two sisters-in-law. They were very grateful to her and begging to save her brothers too.

And she managed to rescue her brothers too by ruse.

It appeared that the squadron had come to capture Uthaman-apai herself. She climbed atop Irendyk and began to shoot one arrow after another at the enemies. She killed dozens of enemies by her well-aimed shots. When she ran out of arrows, she came up to a dense willow grove and cried out:

"Brothers, cut out arrows of willow trees and pass them to mc in turn!" They did as she said: they were passing over sharp pointed arrows to her, and Uthaman-apai shot them one after another at attacking enemies. And the soldiers wavered, those men who survived, ran away as fast as their legs could carry them.

Once a matchmaker came to her from a far-away place, and Utbaman-apai gave her consent Her future father-in-law himself took her away from home. It was winter time The future father-in-law seated Uthaman-apai on a sledge, loaded it with her dowry arid drove the bride away to his place. On the way they saw a wood-grouse on a tree. The father-in-law pulled up the reins and started shooting at the bird, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not hit it. Then Uthaman-apai snatched the bow from his hands and killed the wood-grouse by one arrow, and the bird fell like a stone from the tree to the ground with the arrow in its breast

The father-in-law got scared:

"What sort of woman is she?" and left her at that place. Having returned to his village, the old man spread this news. Other people went after Uthaman-apai and brought her to the house of her future husband.