Long, long ago the whole surface of the Earth was covered by water. And once over those vast and boundless water expanses without end and banks there appeared two ducks. They were swimming along the immense water area, searching for a place where they could lay an egg, but they could not find a spot of land the size of a handful. Quite perplexed, they started diving which prompts that they were pochards. From the bottom or elsewhere from, they started to extract pieces of silt to the surface of the water. One duck was holding silt under its wing pressing it to the body, the other one was bringing new and new pieces.

Eventually some solid stuff was formed out of silt. Mother duck shook off its down and soft feathers on it and made a nest of them; then laid eggs in that nest and began hatching ducklings.

The day came and new ducklings hatched from the eggs, they multiplied and also started to make nests and hatch ducklings. And there emerged a great number of such nests. Having stuck together, they formed something like an island. Ducks still kept bringing underwater silt, the island was expanding and enlarging until its underwater part reached the bottom.

Thus an island emerged amidst the boundless expanses of water.

However, this island was small for the ducks, they flew away in different directions and began building new islands in other places.

Why, do you think, silt and various stones come out of duck's craws? Just because from time immemorial ducks were bringing them from under water. Sometimes ducks swallowed all this, and then stones, sand and silt remained in their stomachs.

That's how the Earth was formed from duck's silt.