In Buryan region there lived a yeget* Dawlat by name and a girl whose name was Awathbika. They had loved each other since childhood. Dawlat had no one in the world besides his orphan sister.

When the yeget and the girl grew up, they began living together.

Earlier, neighbouring Bashkort and Kazakh tribes assaulted each other. Dawlat also took part in such assaults, and the raids were made for the most part with the purpose of stealing cattle. Once he was captured by Kazakhs.

Awathbika managed to escape from the enemy and to safeguard her cattle. She left for the steppes. As she crossed the Yer-kuper – the Ground bridge, she stopped by a small settlement which is now called Awathbika-kool – Awathbika Hollow.

Awathbika presented herself to Athabas* by the name of Auathgola, She made them a gift of a stallion and an otter hat, she bought a patch of land from them and began to live in the village of Ilsegol. Awathbika believed that Dawlat would return some day.

But Dawlat suffered tortures and humiliations in captivity. They made cuts on his feet. put horse hair into the incisions and then wrapped them with rags, so that he would not ??? An old Bashkort woman lived there, she served to a Kazakh bai* and aged at this place. She had been stolen and brought there in her younger years. And though she had been living in the strange land for quite a time, she could not forget her native land – the Urals, And though she had a family of her own and children, she could not get used to captivity, It was she who taught Dawlat how to flee. "When you are heading for the Urals, leave the Yetagan - that is the Great Bear constellation behind your right shoulder all the way through," she said. The old lady made butter and kurut* for him before he was leaving and gave him a small dagger.

As soon as the wounds on his feet had healed, Dawlat fled. When they discovered that he was missing and dashed in pursuit of him, he managed to have run a long way. But eventually he noticed that his pursuers were following him, raising clouds of dust Then Dawlat hid in cane in the lake, plunged into water and started breathing through a reed. The Kazakhs were searching for him, but in vain. Then they surrounded the lake by a large felt mat and left dogs to guard him.

Three days Dawlat lay under water. But then at night he cut the mat by the dagger and went on running.

The Kazakhs continued following him. When they stepped on Bashkort lands, they turned back. But Dawlat headed for Irendyk to his former yaylau*. There lived several people. He learned from them that his wife roamed somewhere else with cattle. When he quite recovered, he went to search for his wife and found her on a bank of the Dim river in the village of Ilscgol.

He came to Ilsegolovo at night And in the morning Awathbika put on her female clothes and emerged before people as young and beautiful Dawlat's wife. When the Asabinians found out what had really happened, they were amazed at her cunning, everybody was praising her.

One of the Athabas* sought Dawlat's sister in marriage.

Nowadays part of inhabitants of the village Buryan-llsegol descend from Awathbika and Dawlat. They constitute a half of people living in this village.