Yarysh-tau — the Mount of Contests

Not far from Durtuily village there is a mountain called Yarysh-tau. On the top of it there is the grave of a saint (avliya). As the word goes, that saint was being buried with honours. The body was carried by hands all the way (the mountain is high and difficult to climb). Since a saint is buried there, Yarysh-tau is considered to be a holy place. Passing by the mountain we used to put alms there. The coins were then taken by mullahs. Now it is difficult to get to the top: there is a river by the foot of die mountain.

In the past there were contests in shooting from bows, some shots were standing on Balkan-tau, others on Yarysh-tau. Either because the bow-shooting contests took place there or there were some other contests, the mountain got the name of Yarysh-tau (the Mount of Contests).