The Mount Of The Saint

This happened in olden times. There lived a renowned batyr along the rivers Dim and Urshak. He was in command of Meng tribes' troops, courageously fighting in the battles against enemies. When he was alive ail the Meng tribes lived in peace. One day from the eastern parts across the Urals numberless invaders swarmed into the country. The warriors smashed down everything on their way: whole nations and tribes perished in that wan their riches passing to the oppressors. It was then that the Meng batyr proclaimed: "If the enemy has crossed the waters of the river Yayik he will not pass the river Dim. If the enemy crosses the river Dim he will not pass the river Yayik." The batyr rallied a big army and began the war. The fierce fight ensued and no quarter was given. The neighbouring fields and hills were filled with the corpses of the dead. At last the enemy army surrendered to the attacks of Meng tribes and took a fast retreat southwards. The Meng batyr got a fatal wound in that mortal combat and soon died of it. Reverently the body of the batyr was carried to the top of a stack-like mountain on the right bank of the river Urshak. He was buried there, big stones circled his grave. The returned cattle and riches were distributed among the impoverished, famine-stricken tribes. The mountain with the grave of the Meng batyr soon became sacred. Later the batyr himself was regarded as saint and the mountain accordingly got the name of "The Mount Of The Saint" In the vicinity of the sacred mountain and the village where the war was waged people nowadays find copper arrow-heads, spears and sabres. Even in the stony soil of the hillside numerous copper armaments and utensils are found along with the logs meant for burial.