Long ago, before old Sarman had settled here and before the invasion of Genghis Khan, the rivers Aghithel, Ik, Malla and Minzala were deep with numerous fish and they were surrounded by thick woods, where a lot of different beasts and birds lived Two Bashkort tribes lived their nomadic life here. Bulars and Beylars had a good life then. They had joint cattle and food and shared it equally. When Baty Khan conquered the land of Bulgars, his warriors came there and destroyed everything, killed people, took their cattle. The tribe of Karagai- Atai had suffered the most. The head of it, silver-bearded Karagai-Atai was killed in the presence of his family. All boys a little taller than a grown-up's knee were beheaded, all women and girls were captured. Only the old wife of Karagai-Atai with her daughters-in-law and grandchildren escaped in the forest under an old oak-tree. Then Bicksura, the elder son of Karagai-Atai came back from hunting. Having seen and heard of this hazard he became silent and motionless as a stone. He said good-bye to his mother and relatives and went to the neighbouring tribes Wolves, Hawks and Beylar. He found brave young men who were ready to join him and attack Baty Khan. Bicksura and his men won the battle under Kazan and Baty Khan couldn't conquer the city. Baty Khan sent his troops to Kazan again in two - three months. Bicksura and his men fought with them. Bicksura was injured and his friend Akhmat helped him escape in the mountains. He lost a lot of blood and died near the village New Akhmat. His friend buried Bicksura and decided to begin a new life there. When enemies left those lands, he invited the rest of the family of Karagai-Atai to live in that village. So the tribe survived.