The Athan rock

There is a beautiful rocky mountain on the left bank of the Aghithel river in the vicinity of the Akawath village. It is called Athan rock. The story of this rock runs like this: the ancient Bashkorts were attacked by the warriors of either Hun Turks or Mongols. Though the Bashkorts displayed great fortitude fighting against the invaders, their enemies outnumbered them and thus defeated them. The Bashkorts survived in battles dispersed themselves in the nearby woods and rocks. A learned batyr from the Boryan tribe also was hiding in the neigbouring mountains. He set his mind on gathering the survived people and forming a powerful army to wage a war against invaders. One of the days he climbed the high rock to say his athan. His voice rang clear in the morning air, reaching the farthest nooks of the mountaneous land. All the survived unwoundcd people gathered to that call. Thus the batyr levied an army, sending a messenger to every part of Bashkortostan and urging to uprising. In a winter the Bashkorts won the war and ousted the invaders from their native land. Since then the rock from which the batyr voiced his athan has been known as Athan rock.