This mountain is on a bank of the Aghithel - the Belaya river. It has flat wood-covered slopes. On these slopes, as the story goes, there was a town long-long ago, which was ruled by a khan. Eventually a powerful enemy force came to that area. The Khan sent his envoy to the leader of the army to find out where from and with what purpose the army had arrived.

The Khan had a daughter Altynsas - a golden-haired beauty, one of her cheeks is like the moon, the other one - like the sun. The head of the army demanded that the Khan should give him Altynsas as his wife. He declared to the envoy that if the Khan did not give her of his own will, he would take her by force. The Khan called his daughter and asked her, what she was thinking of this. She said:

"I don't want to get married to that high cheek-boned robber who comes from the banks of the Yayik river and move from Aktash-tau to the other side of the Urals. If you don't stand for me and marry me off against my will, I will commit suicide."

Then the Khan ordered to report the following answer to the enemy chief:

"My daughter doesn't want to marry you. Go away. If you start the war, we shall not give in."

That stranger decided to win Altynsas. Her father with his fighters advanced against him. They placed themselves beyond that mountain ridge. And the weapons they were using those days were just a bow with arrows and swords. Arrows could fly the distance not more than three sakrym. It took the Khan's men quite a time to fight the offenders. They were greater in number, and the Khan had to retreat. The citizens were seized with panic.

Altynsas, her bow and sword in hand, mounted a black ambler and darted out at the enemy. She was a fearless fighter, and only when she was wounded in her right hand, she returned to town.

The Khan realized that the defeat was inevitable and he ordered to hide his treasures. Gold, silver, diamonds and pearls were dug in the top of the mountain. Soon afterwards the town was ruined.

Trying to flee from violence, one moonlit night Altynsas and her maid hid themselves in a hole near the Khan's treasures. The Khan himself was captured by the enemy.

Many years ago on fine summer nights some people saw the Khan's daughter get out of her place of concealment and seat herself on the top of the mountain, smothered in her golden hair, which came down to her feet, and she was looking sorrowfully at the river's dale. She was sitting thus till dawn and then vanished. She had used to appear often before. Our grandfather told tales of how he would admire the beauty of Altynsas on moonlit nights. But now all the people who had seen her died out.

Devils and evil spirits stole up to the Khan's treasures but they perished approaching them. On guard of those treasures, as the word goes, were ancient warriors who let no one come nearby.