In those places, where the villages of Athau, Kythyl, Aitmumbat arc situated now, the first settlers were Athau, Kythyl and Aitmumbat And they were brothers. The eldest of them was Athau.

Some time passed. When their children grew up and reached manhood, old Athau gave each of his sons his share of cattle and made them leave the house and live separately. One of the sons tried to settle in the village of Bishul. In those times the village did not have this name. And the name of the village has its own history.

One of the sons of Athau used to breed horses. And he kept them days and nights on the pasture behind the fence. Once he noticed that one of his untrained horses came back every morning from somewhere, wet with sweat.

"Perhaps someone is training him at nights", he thought. And he put some pitch on the horse's back. In the morning he saw the following picture: a beautiful girl ??“ witch was firmly sitting on the back of the stallion. Then he decided to marry her. And later she gave birth to five sons one after another.

But something puzzled him: his wife always went to the bath-house alone and demanded that he should always let her know beforehand that he was entering the house.

Once the husband decided to check it up and see what she was doing there. And he entered the bath-house without warning her. He entered the bath-house and saw the following: his wife was sitting and examining the upper part of her own cranium, holding it in her hands. Hardly had she seen her husband, when she dropped dead. And so he remained alone with his five sons.

All the five sons grew up jolly, skilful yegets* and the village has been called Bishul ??“ Five Sons ??“ since that day to this on.