In ancient times the Earth was as small as a spoon, and the sky was as small as a bowl. Human race was growing, wild beasts became more numerous. The Earth was slowly expanding. It grew vast, and the vault of heaven widened.

At that time all the people used to eat from one cauldron. One day an Alyp* came, he picked up the cauldron and drained it What was to be done? The people began to make another cauldron - more capacious. But it was necessary to make a larger scoop for the larger cauldron. The cauldron was cast of silver and the scoop was made of gold.

The Alyp came and tried lifting the cauldron. "That will do,"– be said and put it in its place. Then he took the gold scoop in his hand. "This thing is too light,"– he said and tossed it into the air. He was going to catch it but the scoop wasn't there: spinning round, it went up, reached the stars and remained there, among them.

Alyp's scoop still exists. It shines as seven stars: four stars are the scoop, three stars are its handle – altogether, seven. This Alyp's scoop is turning all the time: in the evening its mouth is above, by the morning its backbone comes upwards.

And so it happens day in day out1.





(another version)


Long ago there lived a man who had seven daughters. All of them were beautiful, all were brave: they always kept together when they went out Nobody could help admiring them, everybody was attracted by them.

One day the girls were walking by the foot of a mountain. The King of divs* saw them and set off in pursuit of them. Immediately they ran up holding each other's hands, climbing to the top of the mountain. The div followed close behind them, It seemed that he would catch them soon. But at the last moment the girls, one by one jumped up soaring into the sky. The seven girls found themselves in seven places. They stood close to each other not to be separated. Having turned into seven stars they began to shine2. Later they were called "Yetegan Yondoth" – "The Seven Stars."



1) The Seven Stars - the Great Bear. The Seven Stars - the seven gin's motif occurs in the legends of some other peoples. - Davletshin T. M. On the Cosmogonlc Views of the Volga Bulgars of the Pre-Mongolian Period // From the History of the Tatar Social Thought Kazan, 1979. P. 48; Ergis. Essays P. 135; Sharakshinova N. 0. Myths of the Buryats. Irkutsk, 1980. P. 58.

2) The Great Bear - the Alyp's scoop motif slightly resembles Bur at legends, where it is explained that 'Dofon Ubged' (The Great Bear') was originally seven cups tossed into the sky by Monzan Goorman otodai, the grandmother of the epfcheroAbai Gaserkhan.