Buryans are of a very ancient tribe. In one legend "Babsack and Kusek-bey" it is said that Buryans descended from one human being. According to one legend Kusek-bey killed everybody of the tribe Kara-gelembet and only one man left, who became the first man of the new tribe. But as the Kypsaks considered, they had preference over the Buryans. Though the truth is that the Buryans had lived there, before the Kypsaks came to the Urals. Khan Kohan was their leader. Several centuries before the Kypsak arrival, Buryans had been living there. Kypsaks began to oppress them, they couldn't share land and water. Peace was broken. Buryans stood their oppression.

Soon Genghis Khan invaded that land. They say he was from a noble tribe and his mother came down from the Heavens1. Prophet said: "The one, who will be able to swallow my spittle, will be a great man." One man Gumar by name tried but in vain. He choked with it. But a small boy Genghis could swallow the prophet's spittle. Brothers didn't like Genghis and he had to live alone in the mountains. He lived there without clothes and food. Once he found a stick, which was unusual, miraculous. It changed him greatly. He became a strong man of forty. When he returned to his brothers, they accepted him and everybody valued him. He could summon a large group of men and lead them to conquer new lands. Some day he invaded lands in the Urals, lands on the banks of the Ithel River2;and the city of Kazan. At that time Zulkarnai Khan lived there. He was a pagan, no religion, no God he worshipped. He didn't want to give in his land to Genghis Khan. But when some bad disease had struck to him, he became mad and he had to kneel before Genghis Khan, who helped him recover from that disease. Bashkorts came to the Urals from the Altai.

After Genghis came his grandson Baty Khan3 to reign. Bashkorts, Kazakhs and Buryans were Moslems at that time. Many battles were held by those two rulers. Indigenous people tried to stop their penetrating into woods and mountains. A big battle took place near the village of Temir, where the river became red of blood and people called it Bloody. There is a hill near that river, where nineteen heroes were buried. Many people escaped in thick woods from Genghis and Baty Khan's warriors, and those villages situated in impenetrable woods and mountains were called Kolgona. Nowadays there are villages bearing this name. Kypsaks grew numerous when Baty Khan was reigning. They were warlike and quick in quarrel. Meanwhile the Buryans moved to lowlands and valleys, the rest stayed in the mountains and woods. Those who stayed in the mountains divided into two kins: Barak and Subhangol.


1) Kazakh and Mongol legends described the unusual birth of Genghis Khan from a girl of Heavens.

2) Ithel is a Bashkir name of the river Volga. the lands near the Volga were conquered by Baty Khan, the grandson

of Genghis Khan.

3) Baty Khan (1208-1255) was a Mongol Khan, who conquered the Eastern part of Europe.