Long ago mount Yogamash was very high. Nobody could climb to its top.

The hosts of the mountain under the guise of a duck and a drake lived in a lake on its top. They would fly away in the morning and come back only in the evening, and all night long they would swim about upon the still lake. Skilful hunters tried to shoot them when they were in flight, but no arrow could reach them, so people say.

One day a bold lad named Reezwan decided to show his daring, he got up at daybreak and went to the mountain. But it was very difficult for him to climb: grass was tangling under his feet, impenetrable bushes were covering his path, besides a strong wind was blowing which wouldn't let him open his eyes.

Nevertheless, the lad proved his mettle: in the evening he reached the summit He cast a glance - there, on the top, spread a beautiful brilliant-blue lake. Reezwan was stunned. Meanwhile the duck couple, the duck and the drake, came back. They didn't notice the man skulking in the bushes. Reezwan at once shot an arrow at the duck. Taking fright, the drake tore into the sky and began flying over head. He had been circling this way for a long time and then, in a pang of pain, he threw himself upon a sheer rock. The lad slung the prey which he had shot over his shoulder and went home.

All of a sudden a black whirlwind started. The mountain began shaking. Reezwan's heart sank. He glanced back - the lake disappeared. Somehow he brought the duck home. The bird was plucked and put in a cauldron, but she wouldn't get boiled. The duck was being boiled for three days and three nights, but she would never boil, people say, she grew as hard as stone. Then that stone was thrown away in the field.

So the mountain remains without its host. Since that time Mount Yogamash had been subsiding until it sank below the ground.