Once there lived a woman khan at the place called Karakul and not far from her lived a khan at the place named Aktash1. They constantly fought against each other2. Their wars were so fierce and bitter that all the shed blood poured in torrents into the nearby lake. That lake grew disgusted at the sight of blood, for three days and nights it lay moaning and groaning. Then at last the unbearable scene compelled the lake to fly towards Akkul3 lake together with all its fish and vegetation. Only the silt bottom witnessed the lake once being there.

None of the villagers would have guessed of whereabouts of the lake if not for the remnants of fish and frogs indicating the direction of the lake's flight. Following up the tracks people soon found the lake Akkul.

Since then the place abandoned by the flying lake has been known under the name of Kanlykul. The steep shore between Old and New Yrnykshy4 is said to be left by it.


1) Karakul. Aktash - toponyms referred to the Arkhanget region of Bashkortostan.

2) The motif of battles between woman-khan and man-khan (tsar and tsarina) is a traditional motif in folklore of other peoples.

3) Lake in the Gafuri region of Bashkortostan.

4)Names of villages in Arkhangel region.