Once upon a time there were two suns in the sky. And these two suns were shining continuously and tirelessly lighting up the race of the Earth. And this caused people great sufferings. Unable to sleep because of incessant light, said one bai: «The one who will be able to hit down one of the two suns, will marry my daughter and besides my daughter, I shall give him half of my riches.» Word of this spread everywhere within the reach of mail and horse. There was no one left who did not hear the oran - the appeal of the bai.

Thereafter the best archers were coming to the bai's nomad's camp. Many good shots made attempts to hit the sky but they could not cause any damage to the suns. And the bai sent every unsuccessful shot back home, saying: «Who needs such marksmanship of yours?» One of the last coming was a batyr Ural by name to test his skill. He took his bow made of horn, placed an arrow of diamond against a bow-string of tarred sinews – everything around started twanging and droning. From this sound mountains fell down and rivers stopped flowing. And meanwhile the diamond arrow was flying upwards and upwards, and finally shot one of the suns through, breaking it into two parts, and flew further. «Ai! Ah!» – exclaimed all the people below in the bai's nomad camp.

One half of the sun remained in the sky, and the other dropped down to the ground, and later it turned into a big mountain filled with various treasures. Having been cut in two, the sun lost its brilliance. Thereafter people got used to sleeping in the dark at night and working in daylight. As people on the Earth, watching the sun break in two were shouting «Ai!», one half of the broken sun got the name «ai», which means the moon, and the mountain made of the second half got the name of «Ural-tau» in honour of the wonderful marksman.